mistakes by both...but i recognize mine..

Time flies but still hurting.That light did strike my heart but too late in time or perhaps too early. No reason to forget..No reason to forget the pain i feel and caused. Wishing you knew the ache im feeling in some way side by side, not away from me. Every breath, every heartbeat is still for you. That love my heart will never forget nor experience again. Without you my heart is lost. My love might have been stranger than others but still as real. Waking up everyday wishing I had not said and done the things I did. Cant go back and remove all that pain and fear from your eyes. I still remember thoose eyes. Everyday..and it wont go away. Wont let me forget. You didnt know what you did wrong. The confussion was too much for you too handle. No games..No pretending..Just my heart wide open for you to take a look and see if it reminds you. Perhaps kickstart yours once again Many mistakes was done by us both but mine was the greatest one. I let you go although you beggedme to keep on fighting for a bit longer. I should have listened and let you in completely. Shouldhave trusted you enough. Have faith like you had. I gave up on that one thing which was supposed to be forever. We could have made it. I have time and I can wait. It can never match anyother how much we both try  apart from each other. Trying so hard to move on but home is where you are so you see..Im really lost and cant seem to find my way back home


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