Every word

Everything changed in a heartbeat it feels like. All the laughter and magic changed into screaming and resignation. The purity of that true love turned into something disgusting and ugly. The depth of my heart is now a black empty hole just. I still hear, smell and feel you as if you never left. Time is nothing. Its all a weird blur now and i can still hear your voice as if speaking to a monster. Nothing lasts forever but everything good should never be forgotten or lost...a waste. Said and did things i have to live with... In my head and in my heart. Just want to loose that other person in me. I let you go...to be happy. That is love.. Not hate or madness. As i said..everything changing om the outside but the inside stays the same. See me for who i am...truly am... Not that sick monster full of hate who consumed me. Your touch was the only one who made me feel alive and tingly as no one else before could. I still see your tender eyes when i shut mine and when i sleep its still your arms around my sore naked body. When wakes the happiness and calmness turns into desperation and tears over what i have destroyed and lost. It is just a sorry too late. Everything is stained and reminds me of you. I still got the greatest gift and reminder of that love. Everyday of flesh and blood. See the good in me! The spark is still here....within me and i will never forget again. The cold is gone and the warmth is here to stay for good..For the one true love in life.


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La Familia

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